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Batch Convert Xlsx to Txt Software

MessagePosté: 11 Septembre 2020, 03:37
de kige
Title: Batch Convert Xlsx to Txt Software

Languages: En
Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
License: Freeware.
Author's description:
Batch Convert Excel .Xlsx to pipe, tab delimited .Txt files software on Windows PC

1. Converts each sheet of a Excel spreadsheet into a .txt file

2. Optional change xlsx sheet cell width in the configuration file

3. This free .xlsx .txt converter is very easy to use, Just drag and drop the xlsx folder / file to the xlsx files to .txt converter, and everything is done!

4. You can find the output .txt files in the folder starting with zz_ in the same folder as the input

5. Very fast .xlsx spreadsheet to .txt Converter, you can save multiple .xlsx files to .txt files in seconds

Website : ... sx-to-txt/
Download: ... nload.html
How to: ... howto.html
Author: Video Software Download