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[en] Q: How to portabilize an app with LiberKeyPortabilizer?

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Re: [en] Q: How to portabilize an app with LiberKeyPortabili

MessagePosté: 14 Juin 2023, 15:55
de NicolasYates
To use the LiberKey suite of tools, including the LiberKeyPortabilizer, you can follow these general steps:

Download and install the LiberKey suite from their official website.
Launch the LiberKeyPortabilizer tool.
Select the application you want to "portabilize" by clicking on the "Add an application" button.
Configure the settings for the application, such as the installation path and options for portability.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and create the portable version of the application.

To package the software as a LiberKey package, you can use the LiberKey Package Creator tool. This tool allows you to create custom packages containing multiple applications and settings. You can follow the instructions provided by the LiberKey documentation or consult the LiberKey community forum for more detailed guidance.