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LiberKey 5.0 available

MessagePosté: 03 Septembre 2010, 20:02
de opendev
Hello everyone,

We just make available LiberKey 5.0

This new version is the result of over two years of development. The internal architecture is developed to allow us more freedom. It has become difficult to maintain compatibility with the old architecture 4.x. We have decided to no longer support older LiberKey (4.x) versions which will allow us to implement more easily new features. This decision implies the obligation to migrate to this new version in order to continue to receive updates of applications.

LiberKey Team

Re: LiberKey 5.0 available

MessagePosté: 08 Septembre 2010, 12:41
de denisdecastro

It's excellent, and beautiful

Denis de Castro

Re: LiberKey 5.0 available

MessagePosté: 27 Octobre 2018, 18:26
And now, 8 years later, we have 5.8? What happened to development? Is it finished?