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[REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 22 Septembre 2010, 10:40
de sewave
Couldn't it be a Suite with ALL aplications so we can download them all in a few clicks?

Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 22 Septembre 2010, 13:22
de Dji
Already requested thousands of times: not planned (for so many reasons: bandwidth, usability, etc)

Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 08 Mars 2011, 13:41
de tosiabunio
Users request such feature yet it is somehow deemed unusable? I would like to learn the reasoning behind this decision...

Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 08 Mars 2011, 18:01
de vagabond
Hello tosiabunio,

as Dji said, there are many reason. including the bandwidth that we need to provide for all these applications. I think especially with automatic updates that go with it.
In addition, the number of applications in the catalog is steadily increasing, not to mention the number of users that it increases faster and faster .. We prefer to focus on quality of service.
And it is true that one can also question the usefulness of this feature.
In many categories there are applications that perform similar tasks. It is the user to choose one that suits its needs and it is rare that they are all needed.
Moreover, nothing prevents you from taking all applications in the catalog. This operation is done once and it does not seem insurmountable (with the help of the synchronization).
I share a little about your question: I would like to learn the reasoning behind this request... ;)

Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 09 Mars 2011, 20:12
de tosiabunio
Okay, here's my reasoning...

Space is often not an option for many users because they use the LiberKey as permanent (not portable) installation. I understand your concerns regarding hosting and bandwidth, but doesn't apply to us, users.

Another reason is annoying process of adding additional or new applications. You need to activate associations, then you go to your website and slowly browse through the catalog. Then you click on an app you want to add, wait for the browser and LiberKey process the request and eventually display the download window. Repeat that slow process and you get the idea why I want to get rid off of it. Unless this is also a deliberate plan to discourage users from downloading more apps (because of the bandwidth issue).

Also, the additional applications (those not installed as a part of any suite) are simply not other, totally equivalent versions of those already installed. Sure, sometimes it's mainly a matter of taste which file manager you use, but very often is much more than that. You get different functionality, different UI, etc. In most of the cases, the only way to decide which apps better suit your needs is to try them. In order to do that, you need to install them. Preferably in a convenient and easy way.

Also, most of the time I have no idea what most of the apps LiberKey offer do. But I've learned that if I have a specific problem, there's a good chance that LiberKey has an app that could solve my problem. In order to do that, I need to keep as many of them as possible installed because very often I need quite obscure functionality which hopefully is addressed in one of those wonderful programs.

Also, I have the LiberKey installed on my laptop which is mobile machine, unfortunately without mobile internet connection. A bigger installed library increase my chances of having the right app when I need it.

Well, if the LiberKey offered more convenient way of downloading new applications, i.e. integrated in the menu, I will probably download them as I need them. After all, my mobile connectivity is going to improve over time anyway...

Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 19 Mai 2019, 06:22
de jsvtrlvrslv
Hello sewave,
I liked the challenge... :woohoo:

After a little analysis of how the system works, I've come up with a simple way to do what you want.

After copying the source code from the flat list, I used Notepad++ to remove all content except direct links to add applications. With iMacros (trial), I did [open] this list with 1 second of pause each (2 if connection is bad). You can copy the attached list and do it yourself.



Re: [REQ] Download all applications

MessagePosté: 26 Avril 2022, 20:11
de conieKlow56
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