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Not installing new apps

MessagePosté: 06 Mars 2023, 07:13
de stirech
Hi Liberkey community.

I am unable to install new apps to my Liberkey i get the following error.

It appears your proxy server has stopped the LiberKey from connecting to the Internet.
Please check your proxy configuration.

Strangely i am able to update existing (already installed) applications.

I do not have any proxy server, just internet through my home connection. I do suspect that it may be my newly changed internet connection - I am now using a 5G. If it's this what workarounds are there?

Reason i suspect is new internet connection is 1) I have only noticed since I have new connection 2) I understand that the 5G connection uses Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT). But as mention the Liberkey app updates do work so im not sure.


Re: Not installing new apps

MessagePosté: 06 Mars 2023, 10:48
de stirech
Just an FYI for others with the same problem.

The solutions/workaround for me was to go to
Liberkey > Liberkey Tools > Configuration > HTTP proxy > (check) Use a proxy serer to access the Internet.
Then i entered only the IP address of my router/GW in the 'Host name / IP address', whilst leaving the other fields blank.
The Apply.