[Solved] LiberKey stopped by firewall

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[Solved] LiberKey stopped by firewall

Messagede dfkettle » 23 Juin 2009, 15:00

Hi! I just installed LiberKey on a USB drive yesterday, but when I started it up for the first time, my firewall warned me that LiberKey was trying to access the internet. This was before I even launched any applications. Why would it be trying to access the internet? I thought it only checked for updates if you registered the product (which I didn't).

I'm using Computer Associates' anti-virus and firewall software. It didn't flag LiberKey as a virus, though. It just asked me if it was OK to allow it to access the internet. Until I know why it's trying to access the Internet, I won't give permission, of course.

Thanks for your help.
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Re:LiberKey stopped by firewall

Messagede opendev » 23 Juin 2009, 15:32

Hi dfkettle and welcome to the forum !

There are 2 LiberKey programs which access to internet when you launch LiberKey :

- LKVerCheck.exe (in LiberKeyTools directory)
- lkAppsVCheck.exe (In LiberKeyToolsLKAppsVCheck directory)

What are doing LKVerCheck.exe and lkAppsVCheck.exe ?

LKVerCheck : it checks only if a patch is available (a LiberKey patch contains improvement on LiberKeyTools programs). For example, if we improve the portabilizer, we publish a patch which updates your LiberKey portabilizer. Information : we will publish a patch soon (portabilizer improvement)

lkAppsVCheck.exe : it checks only software Updates. Information : no information from your LiberKey is upload to LiberKey servers. LkAppsVCheck.exe download locally an xml file with software version. It compares it locally with your installed software version. If there are updates, it displays it for download.

How to disable the internet access when LiberKey start ?

In asuite, menu LiberKey Tools -> other tools... -> Check new LiberKey release (silent) and Check software updates (silent)

Right clic for example on Check new LiberKey release (silent) -> Properties -> Tab Advanced -> in the field Autoexecute, select never.
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