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DiskDigger can recover files from any type of media that your computer can read. This includes USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, etc), and of course your hard drive. The types of files that it recovers include photos, videos, music, documents, and many other formats.
It can even scan reformatted or badly formatted disks (disks to which Windows can't assign a drive letter), and even disks with bad sectors.
Installation in the LiberKey
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Install DiskDigger on my LiberKey
Download size : 1.82 MB
Required disk space : 3.09 MB
Past 7 days820 14
Past 30 days5.003 12
Total812.943 101
Information about the application
License : Freeware
Editor : Dmitry Brant
Platform : XP/Vista/7/8/10
To install automatically DiskDigger on your LiberKey, make sure you previously activated files associations from the "LiberKey Tools" menu.

You can then open the file directly to start the installation.