Your LiberKey
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  • Disconnect my LiberKey
This area of the website will allow you to synchronize your LiberKey with the website
When you synchronize your LiberKey, the website will give more advanced services for your LiberKey, such as:
  • The online catalog will adapt to only show what apps you don't have installed on your LiberKey, and apps on your LiberKey that have an update available.
  • You will be able to access detailed reports on the installations performed on your LiberKey, whether it be installing an application suite, installing applications from the online catalog or updating your applications. You will be able to view information on these recently installed or updated applications, and automatically open your LiberKey menu to these applications.
  • A detailed changelog of your LiberKey's software - you'll be able to see what was improved and what was fixed between the version of the LiberKey software you were on, and the software you just updated to.
  • A summary of your LiberKey's details (last patch applied, version, language, amount of apps installed, etc.)
  • Online options; the ability to change how much your LiberKey interacts with the website.
Your LiberKey is not synchronized with the website
Make sure your LiberKey is running before synchronizing