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FotoSketcher 3.70
FotoSketcher converts your digital photos into art, automatically. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or a beautiful landscape into a painting, a sketch or a drawing then look no further, FotoSketcher will do the job in just a few seconds.
Different styles are available: pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings. You can also improve your original photo with simple tools (enhance contrast, sharpen, simplify image, increase luminosity, color saturation etc).
Installation in the LiberKey
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Download size : 7.38 MB
Required disk space : 7.44 MB
Past 7 days211 67
Past 30 days809 69
Total1.179.938 71
Information about the application
License : Freeware
Editor : David THOIRON
Platform : XP/Vista/7/8/10
To install automatically FotoSketcher on your LiberKey, make sure you previously activated files associations from the "LiberKey Tools" menu.

You can then open the file directly to start the installation.