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Web Page Operation

Messagede DoubleTake » 29 Juillet 2020, 09:03

When i disable my popup blocker, I have trouble with "APPLICATIONS-BROWSE CATALOG" web page.
I am using Chrome with uBlock Origin.

When I disable popup-blocker, i keep being returned to an older location (Reg Scanner) whenever I am done installing a new APPLICATION. Also when a new tab opens giving me an "Application Update Report", it takes over focus from the tab I am working in.

When I return to that "Browsing" tab, it refreshes without my input and returns to the older location ("REG SCANNER") which I installed an hour ago. So, I click back to "SYSTEM UTILITIES-BENCHMARK-CRYSTAL DISK MARK" and I see it appear for 1/2 second and then then it disappears.

It is as if some ad is interfering, because if I ENABLE my popup blocker (uBlock Origin) and refresh the page I can browse with NO PROBLEMS.

[EDIT: This also happens with Opera with no popup blocker and Internet Explorer 11.
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