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Install ALL Apps

Messagede Budfudder » 23 Mai 2022, 03:29

How do I get ALL of the LiberKey applications installed? I downloaded and installed the Ultimate package, but it doesn't install everything. If I go into the Catalog I have to go through and manually install every app individually - it's very time-consuming and manual.

So how do I just get it to install everything there is?
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Re: Install ALL Apps

Messagede jsvtrlvrslv » 08 Septembre 2022, 16:08

jsvtrlvrslv a écrit:Hello sewave,
I liked the challenge... :woohoo:

After a little analysis of how the system works, I've come up with a simple way to do what you want.

After copying the source code from the flat list, I used Notepad++ to remove all content except direct links to add applications. With iMacros (trial), I did [open] this list with 1 second of pause each (2 if connection is bad). You can copy the attached list and do it yourself.


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Re: Install ALL Apps

Messagede StarLightDreamwalker » 05 Mars 2023, 15:37

Hi jsvtrlvrslv

Thanks for doing this for everyone, but with reference to your Video:

Streamable says: "Oops! We couldn't find your video."
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