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AlphaChess 4.0.3
AlphaChess is a chess program which offers several advanced fonctionnalities while still remaining intuitive and easy to use. It is the perfect solution whether you want to have fun with friend or hone your skills by playing against the computer. Three play mode are available, play a local game on one computer by exchanging the control between you and your adversary, play an online game by connecting to the new dedicated server which allows you to join or observe any created game or play against the computer's artificial intelligence.
Installation in the LiberKey
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Download size : 608.61 KB
Required disk space : 2.44 MB
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Information about the application
License : GPL 2.0 - Download source code
Platform : XP/Vista/7
To install automatically AlphaChess on your LiberKey, make sure you previously activated files associations from the "LiberKey Tools" menu.

You can then open the file directly to start the installation.